Thank you for organising our beautiful tour of Namibia, which was above our expectations in all aspect, a magical, dreams come true, holiday.

Your carefully chosen itinerary opened beauty of natural wonders of this country to us, vast horizons, endless blue sky, spiritual deserts, intriguing mountains, plants to marvel at, plentiful animals and allowed us to meet beautiful people Namibia.

Desert Grace Gondwana was a picture perfect accommodation, to watch sun sliding behind the red golden dunes will stay with us for a long time. But all accommodations had a special feature making them interesting. We also liked the more intimate setting of a farm accommodation.

The staff in all places were exceptional, kind, patient, funny, easy to talk to, guides were knowledgeable, proud to be Namibians.

Kayaking with seals, dunes driving and Etosha safari all magical experiences.

To our positive surprise roads, including unsealed roads, were in excellent or very good condition, driving was easy.

The trip was excellent value for the variety and depth of experience.

Your kindness, Murielle, professionalism, promptness and true care of us, when we needed your help /shopping for warmer clothes/ were deeply appreciated.

All the information, which were received before our journey, was helpful, informative, intriguing, it started our love of Namibia.

Hopefully in a few years we can ask you again to organise our next holidays to beautiful Namibia!

Zdenka Grundel (Australia)

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