Holidays in Namibia?

  • Too busy or unsure of how to organize your holidays in Namibia?  With Alacarte Travels we guide you in your choices and plan it all for you.
  • Don’t quite know what to do, where to go, what to see in Namibia?  We make suggestions and you select what makes your heart sing.
  • Fussy about how you travel, likes and dislikes?  We listen and create what you would like to experience and do our utmost to be of service.

Why choose Alacarte?

At Alacarte Travels, we cater for small groups of people who would like to experience a holiday in Namibia, just for you and how you want it to be.

We speak English, French, and Spanish.

At Alacarte Travels, we listen and give you our personal care and attention.

As a menu, we help you pick and choose the ingredients of your holiday. We blend and process it all, to produce a unique travel recipe, adapted to your taste, time and budget.

From your selection, we then design your unique digital itinerary, daily route map, day to day schedule. We book all accommodation, modes of transport, activities before you arrive.

Most of the accommodation we recommend, we have experienced it ourselves. 

We take the stress off you and plan it all for you. 

Please feel free to savour our Travel Menu for ready-made recipes which can also be tailored-made to your taste.

Why choose Namibia?

You will disconnect from your routine and perhaps stressful life, to be transported into the “gem” of Africa.

Namibia is sometimes referred as the “Switzerland of Africa”.

It is a beautiful, colourful, clean and a safe country. You will fall in love with :
• the vastness, beauty of nature.
• people’s friendliness and diverse culture.
• a feeling of freedom and adventure.
• the simplicity of life, which nowadays becomes a luxury.

Namibia to nourish your soul.

What to choose?

  • You may choose to go on a flying safari,
  • Self drive your 4×4,
  • Be accompanied or chauffeured by an experienced guide,
  • Or travel on the “Orient Express” of Namibia.
  • You may like to experience camping in the desert under the stars,
  • Stay in a farmhouse or
  • Be pampered in a luxury lodge.
  • Or enjoy a combination of options.

Start dreaming now:

  • Your feet deliciously sink into the warm orange sand of the desert.
  • The playful and friendly seals pop their heads out the water to see you kayak. Their sheep style conversations hypnotise you into dreamland.
  • You make eye contact with birds and some majestic wild animals, from a close but safe distance.
  • Be surprised and enjoy the ethnic diversity, harmony, the good standard of service and the friendliness of the people.
  • Enjoy eating organic fish and meat which is the standard in most restaurants.
  • Namibia is a paradise for photographers and you’re coming back home with thousands of pictures.

Anyway, your trip is all Alacarte, for all ages and for all to enjoy.

By the end of your holiday, you will feel alive and rejuvenated.

Happy to have nourished your soul with so much beauty and personal experiences.

We hope you will treasure this holiday for many years to come :-).


Thank you so much for your perfect organisation. To get in contact with you and Alacarte Travels was the best thing  that could happen to us. But most of all,…


Family EbnerAustria

A magnificient trip, at our pace.


Jacques & Marie-Josephe Manlay

“Alacarte Travels”, what a good name for a Tour Operator ! … You can go off the beaten track, in full serenity…


Fabrice & Sandrine VerasteguiFrance

I was so overwhelmed by the whole trip . Murielle’s organization skills were flawless and we had a super personal service …


Delna & Webber MaraisSouth Africa

Great, great holiday !!! Amazing country ! Exceptional service of Alacarte Travels.


Rako & Ranka IgnatovicUnited Kingdom

One of the best holidays ever. A magnificent country, stunningly beautiful place to visit with fabulous scenery. Excellent service provided by Alacarte, very helpful.  Everything cared for, all the arrangements went flawlessly…


Admir & Nerma SelimovicUnited Kingdom

What an amazing adventure!


Lucie & her CrewFrance

Notre voyage en Namibie préparé par à la carte


Éric & Héloise Manchon FamilyFrance

Ce voyage restera l’un des plus fabuleux.


Annick Domenech & Bertrand PonroyFrance

We look forward to coming back to Namibia.


Adeline & Frank DambrinFrance

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