Who is Murielle Coue? What is Alcarte Travels? Stories about Namibia

Near Goanikontes Namibia

This is with great excitement and nervousness that I am writing this first blog as an introduction to what will follow. The blogs will share useful tips of information, stories and experiences of my life in Namibia.


For those who do not know me yet, I am French, lived in the UK for about 25 years, had my own business as a Shipyard Agent representing up to 23 shipyards worldwide, managed to get my private pilot’s licence, was married to an English gentleman. Suddenly, my life changed when I set foot to Namibia and met Anton. I gave up my cozy life in England to join Anton who was married with 4 grown up children. Mad, is not it?

Anyway, today I live with Anton in Walvis Bay, a town of 65,000 people, close to a beautiful lagoon (Ramsar Site) where you can see pelicans and flamingos from your front window.

Afterwards, I continued my work as a Shipyard Agent for a few more years still travelling the world and perhaps the middle age crisis flourished to the point that I wanted to settle down in one place : Namibia is now my country of residence and I love my new life in Namibia.


It took me 1 year to register as a Tour and Safari Operator with the Namibian Tourism Board, a real marathon of administration and perseverance. But I got there and officially opened Alacarte Travels and Retreats (Pty) Limited in 2018.

The purpose of Alacarte Travels is to plan holidays in Namibia for small groups of people, at your own pace and how you want it to be. I first have an informal skype interview to really understand your likes and deslikes, wants and don’t wants. I design for you your unique itinerary and reserve all accommodation, modes of transport, activities, and accompany on request. It is a personal Alacarte Travel service.

Then, the Programs and Retreats will feature an ad-hoc basis, for small groups of people. As a taster, it will be 1 day of fun, creative, discovery of places around Walvis Bay.

Later on, my intention is to organize on specific dates, for a maximum of 12 people and at a set price, retreats for 7 to 10 days, travelling parts of Namibia and blending adventure, wellness and wisdom on the go.


Now. What about the blog? What am I going to talk about?

Like for food, I enjoy blending ingredients, so I think it will be varied and exciting.

One day I may talk about the famous Namibian Malva Pudding, which I have flopped many times. Whenever I get it right, I will give you the recipe!!:-) another time, I may send you useful tips or information about Namibia, reviews of places I like, or I may talk to you about my local life I like writing and will do so whenever I get inspired. Through the blog, I’ll share slices of information and experience of my Namibian life, as it flows.

And may be, one day, you will also be curious to discover Namibia with friends or family.

If you leave a comment. I will endeavour to respond promptly, whenever I can.

Thanks for reading.

Warm regards



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