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Tok Tokkie Trails is a very nice trip to do, in Namibrand Nature Conservation, South-West of Namibia.
You walk for 3 days in the desert, sleep for 2 nights with the stars on a stretcher, in the middle of nowhere.
You only take your backpack for the day, and they care of the rest.

We have a chef cooking for us, but for the rest it is back to basics.
A little bucket of cold water to wash and an open sky toilet with some privacy.
There was a decent space between travellers to sleep so that and we could enjoy our spectacular room with a view.
The Spanish couple on the pictures came to Namibia for their honeymoon.
Per day, you walk about 15km at a leisurely pace, and, with the guide, we regularly pause to observe some plants, flowers, some small animals of the desert, take pictures, in this magnificent scenery.
Best to be prepared to have good sunglasses, a hat, scarf, suncream and proper walking shoes and trekking pants.

We had good weather for the first night and we got a sandstorm.
It was in June and the weather was cold and then with gale force wind. It happens now and then to have sandstorm in the desert.
The suncream on our faces attracted the orange sand like glue, and we were looking wild and exotic !!
By the second day in the afternoon, they sent a truck to our rescue, and we were taken back to base for the last night.
We continued to suffer a bit as there was only cold water at the base camp, but a hot chocolate did the trick!!

It is a unique experience to be so connected to nature, to discover the variety of the landscape at a leisurely pace, and to enjoy the stars at night, in this grandiose décor.
Tok Tokkie Trails is well organized, we had a nice and knowledgeable guide, the food was good, and it was so nice to disconnect, melt with the beauty of nature and enjoy this little adventure.
Even with the inclement weather, would I do it again?
Yes, definitely. It’s a great hike and adventure for anyone who loves walking and nature.

On special request, next time, I will send you some pictures of animals that I took in Namibia.


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