So, as mentioned in Part 1, Oranjemund is still one of the richest diamond areas in the world.
Almost everything in Oranjemund belonged to the Mine. That is why it was not opened to the public until 2017.
Before 2017, the Public was forbidden to enter the Town. Only employees and their relatives were allowed access.
Here is the official ceremony for the opening of the town in 2017.

Unlike Kolmanskop, the diamond mine in Oranjemund (picture below) is still open and extracts in the region of 2 million carats (400kg) of diamonds per year.

When I was there earlier this year, we were told that in a 40t truck full of gravel, only 3 small diamonds in average are found, depending on the area.
Like in all mining, vast land areas are being carved, for the extraction process.
Interestingly, we were told that the competition of the diamond industry today is tourism.
People no longer tend to invest in diamonds but many in tourism.
Travelling makes us feel alive, curious about life, we discover, enjoy, learn, grow, broaden our vision of the world, we meet other people, other cultures, and that is all part of our rich experience of life.

Back to Oranjemund, it is a lovely, well kept, tranquil, green town, in the middle of the desert.
There are only 4000 inhabitants or so.
The oryx gently and happily graze in the parks.
The historical Jasper House Museum is worth visiting.
The Bean Tree Coffee Shop is very nice.
There is only basic accommodation in Oranjemund at present.
There seems to be a nice golf course and angling is a popular activity.

The Orange River, which is a few minutes away from town, flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
The River is the boundary between Namibia and South Africa.

At 10mn from Oranjemund, you can cross the river and get to Alexander Bay in South Africa via the Oppenheimer Bridge.
FYI, Ernest Oppenheimer was a German born industrialist, financier and one of the most successful leaders in the mining industry in South Africa and Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe), at the time.

Here is a picture taken from the Orange River Mouth Viewpoint.
After a few days in Oranjemund, you would probably get bored, but it is an unusual and nice place to visit.

Have a nice evening

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