Admir & Nerma Selimovic – Namibia : one of the best holiday ever.

One of the best holiday ever. A magnificent country, stunningly beautiful place to visit with fabulous scenery. Excellent service provided by Alacarte Travels, very helpful.  Everything cared for, all the arrangements went flawlessly.

Magnificent scenery, beautiful desert, 4X4 drives on huge dune fields, fantastic experience, safari,  plenty of wildlife, camping , desert lodges,  sightseeing, coastline.

The highlights: low flying by plane over spectacular scenery and luxurious Desert Lodge in the middle of nowhere with very high standards, good facilities (even a small swimming pool), great food and the caring locals makes you feel welcome at every turn.

It is such a splendid place, an unspoiled and uncommercialized country, do not miss Namibia, highly recommend the services of Alacarte Travels. Fantastic holiday.

Admir & Nerma Selimovic – UK