Fabrice & Sandrine Verastegui – with Alacarte Travels, you can go off the beaten track in all serenity.

“Alacarte Travels”, what a good name for a Tour Operator !

We had a bit of a specific request : we wanted to see everything in Namibia in 5 days (Etosha, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, etc.). While the traditional travel agencies agreed, Murielle, from Alacarte Travels, told me that the program was too ambitious and the distances too great, except if we used some private flight charters, which were unfortunately beyond our budget.

At the end, Murielle suggested to replace Etosha by Erindi and drive less while ensuring that we will see a great variety of animals in a more concentrated area.

Her advice was pertinent as our holiday was fantastic and driving to Etosha in such a short trip would have been unreasonable.

Murielle listened to our wishes and suggested a number of tours and activities which she pre-booked to guarantee availability and save time.

Everything was really well organized and the standards of the lodges selected really matched our expectations.

We also really appreciated the pre-planned itinerary, which was very clear, the map supplied and all the necessary telephone numbers as well as Murielle’s regular contacts, making sure that all was well.

We highly recommend this Tour Operator, who is a good listener.

You can go off the beaten track, in full serenity.

Fabrice & Sandrine Verastegui – France.